George Moraitis is an artist, composer and designer operating
between Athens and Glasgow.
Working with sound, installations and performance, Moraitis explores the limits of human existence and sets focus of a narrative which is stimulating memory and a sense of history, as well as the reality of our present day experience, to express the underlying tensions within contemporary society, and the multiplicity and fragmentation of its language.
His installations incorporate sound and found objects which are often accompanied by drawings, screen prints, videos and writings.

Selected Exhibitions

2008 Student of Athens School of Fine Arts
Psyche [Bipolarity & Art] Exhibition (Athens, Greece)
2010 KANON HT6 – ITS-Z1 Exhibition (Belgrade, Serbia)
2011 NSZ Festival (Athens, Greece)
2011 3rd Athens Biennale // MONODROME (Phrixos) 
2012 OFFF Barcelona 2012 – Disseny Hub (Barcelona, Spain)
2012 Athens Video Art Festival
2013 Excentricités 4 – ISBA (Besançon, France)
2015 Centre Dramatique National de Besancon (Besançon, France)
2015 Netting The Work – ZK/U Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
2015 Jour Du Feu (Besançon, France)
2016 Oscillate Me Widely – The Whisky Bond (Glasgow, UK)
2016 Acoustic Cameras (Paris, France)
2016 Graduate Degree Show – Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, UK)
2016 A So Disastrous Pathos – St. Mary’s Cathedral (Glasgow, UK)
2016 European Bauxite residency [Lappas Award] (Fokida, Greece)

George Moraitis