Choreographies Chaotiques II


Graduation 2013-2014



Graduation 2013-2014
Athens School Of Fine Arts
Athens, Greece
Year: 2014
Title: Choreographies Chaotiques II
Interactive Sound Installation
Laser Pointers, Sensors, 5.1 Speakers, mirrors, Arduino, Proccesing, Super Collider, Max/MSP


Chaos is the stochastic behavior manifested in the context of a deterministic system.
Chaos is characterized less by the absence of overdetermination phenomena rather than the infinite speed with which they are getting form and disappear. It is not a kind of movement from an overdetermination to another but the non-ability of any connection between them, since one can not appear unless the other has been already disappeared, furthermore the one is shown as extinction while the other disappears as an outline. Chaos is not an idle or a static situation, neither it is an amalgam of randomnesses. Chaos defines the chaotic and sends each consequence to infinity.

Engineering by:
Evangelos Makropoulos


George Moraitis