Graduation 2013-2014

Graduating Class 2013-2014 
Athens School Of Fine Arts 
Athens, Greece 
Year: 2014
Title: Voice-o-ver
Sound Installation

100 DC-Motors, 20 Radios, Plastic Balls, Metal Chains, Cardboard Boxes, Arduino

Biopower regulates social life from its interior, by following it, interpreting it, absorbing it and finally restructuring it”. Power can effectively govern the entire population “only when it becomes an integral, vital function that each person embraces and reactivates in a voluntarily manner. Then, life becomes the object of power. The central objective of biopower is oriented towards the control of production and reproduction of life itself. Only the society of control is able to adopt the biopolitical context as its exclusive terrain of reference. In the disciplinary society, disciplining was developed according to a “relatively closed, geometrical and quantitative reasoning” (“factory society”). People were blocked within institutions without being fully absorbed into the rhythm of productive socialization, as minds and bodies were not soaked to the point of absolute handling. Consequently, the relationship between power and person “remained static : the disciplinary invasion of the power was proportional to the resistance of the person”. When power becomes entirely biopolitical, the whole social body is just a part of the authoritarian mechanism, the relationship between power-person becomes “open, qualitative and emotional”. The power now in the form of control “penetrates through the foundations of the social structure”, through the depths of consciences, extends to the entire spectrum of social relations while “society reacts as a body”.
George Moraitis